Managing Projects and Certifications

We are committed to making the energy revolution happen, concentrating on turning complex relationships into successful projects.

We see the integration of all project participants combined with an intelligent communication structure, highly productive processes and transparency as the prerequisite for the successful implementation of our projects.

Our strength comes from the integration and combination of the different areas of expertise in our team and in our network of established partners.

We will provide you with individual, holistic consulting and thus put you in a position to make clear-sighted decisions that take into account all of the foreseeable consequences.

Make us your expert partner for a long-term collaboration.

Our range of services

Project and certification management

Who is responsible for obtaining certificates – the client or the suppliers? Which makes more sense – one certifier for the project or one certifier per lot? What goals are to be set for the certification? How can the results of the certification process be put to further use? How does the certification continue in the operating phase?

Our customers use Integrity’s expertise for their project and certification management, and to get answers to these and other questions. Fundamental specifications are already set down during the tender phase, while target-oriented guidance and controlling of the external verification processes is decisive during the execution of the project.

Together we work out the ideal solution. We support our customers at the interface with the certifier in defining the requirements and designing as well as executing all of the necessary processes. Here we attach particular importance to clear data management.

The receipt of the project certificate is a significant milestone in the course of a project. We support you in fulfilling the necessary requirements in order to keep the project certificate in focus even during the operating phase of the wind farm.

Read more about the range of service packages that we can provide you with:

Project development

Certification during the project development

  • Analysis of other requirements in connection with the project
  • Preparation of the requirements for legal permission
  • Determination of the scope of the project
  • Preparation of the required documents for the invitation to tender
  • Mapping of the requirements in the supplier contracts
  • Preparation of a customer-specific certification manual

Project implementation

Certification during the project implementation

  • Takeover of the interface with the certifier
  • Ensuring the fulfilment of all certification requirements
  • Control and follow-up for verification procedures
  • Clarification of technical issues raised in the verification process
  • Management of documents relevant to verification
  • Design of the periodic verifications based on the operating concept


Certification during operation

  • Management of the periodic verifications
  • Determination of the scope of the verification taking into account the existing wind farm data
  • Coordination of experts for any repairs or design modifications required
  • Organisation of the certification activities required for this
  • Checking of document packages before submission for certification
  • Management of documents relevant to verification

Project examples

We handle our customers’ projects confidentially – for this reason we do not name our customers or previous projects here.

The following project examples show excerpts from our day-to-day work. We will be happy to meet you in person and explain further aspects of our activities up to this point.

Development of the certification processes of an offshore supplier

In this project we supported a supplier for the offshore industry in optimising the certification procedures and implementing them in their organisation. In the process, we prepared and mapped the connection between the international standard (IEC 61400-22) and the legal requirements set down by the responsible approval authority in Germany (BSH).

As a result of this, internal processes were modified and accordingly documented, and templates were prepared for day-to-day use along with internal documents on the topics “Best Practices” and “BSH Requirements”.

To consolidate these modifications we developed training courses and internal communication documents.

Work results:

  • Process descriptions
  • Certification manual
  • Training and communication documents
  • Instruments to make day-to-day work easier
  • Best Practices

Certification management for an offshore platform in a BSH project

We controlled the certification process for an offshore platform in a project up to the third approval by the BSH.

The client was provided with support in the tender and contract phases, up to the commissioning of the certifier. Workshops were carried out afterwards with all of the participants in order to create increased awareness of the certification requirements.

The implementation of the certification goals was based on effective controlling of the certification process. Within this framework we worked out binding, realistic goal plans, ensured that the verification comment were worked through, and held regular status meetings and technical co-ordinations.

Work results:

  • Analysis of the certification requirements
  • Tender and contract management for the commissioning of the certifier
  • Controlling the arrangements with the certifier in the design and execution phases
  • Certified documents for BSH approvals I, II and III

The Integrity Club

Further Services

In addition to traditional project and certification management, we look to the future, engaging with topics including the workplace of the future and the likely effects of increasing digitisation.

Offered through the Integrity Club:

  • Change management coaching
  • Workshops on selected topics
  • Collaborative development of new business models
  • Networking events for exchanging ideas and thoughts

About us

Integrity brings together a wide range of expertise. We come from a variety of engineering disciplines and have experience of diverse major industrial projects. So we are familiar with the viewpoints of constructors, suppliers and operators.

The Management Trio

Our team was brought together by Madeleine Schmidt. She is an experienced engineer and project manager responsible for the Integrity Group. She is assisted by Svetlana Roshchina and Niklas Ploog.

Svetlana Roshchina manages the office at both locations in Hamburg and Berlin and is responsible for the smooth running of the business. Niklas Ploog is the project manager for the Berlin area and has been focusing on infrastructure projects for many years.

As engineers we love being involved in technical challenges down to the smallest detail, but we also know that the focus must always be on the successful implementation of the project. Therefore, we always approach our tasks in a solution-oriented way in order to achieve the results that our customers want. We combine technical expertise with the – sometimes necessary – wider perspective of the all-rounder, and we assess and coordinate without getting lost in the details.

We care deeply about the development of the offshore industry and are involved in various committees, such as the BSH and DIN work groups.

The Integrity Team

Our team is made up of engineers, technical experts, scientists and administrative professionals who work daily for our clients and our company.

Here you can get an impression of our team.

We want to grow – if we have aroused your interest, let’s think about working together. Take the first step and get in touch with us.


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